Our Service - Step by step
The process of submitting and completing a job can be done entirely through the login section of this website.
Step 1 - Register a valid email
First step is to register a valid email address in our login area, whereupon a verification email will be sent. A link will be included in the email that, once clicked, will confirm the validity of your email address. Once you have logged in, you will be able to submit jobs for us to begin to process.
Step 2 - Job Submission
We require your plans and drawings to produce a 3D model of the roof. Submit jobs by clicking on "Submit a Job" and filling out the subsequent form. Please ensure the accuracy of the information provided as errors here will lead to incorrect outputs that we will not be responsible for. Once you hit "Submit Job", the job will appear in a list with the status labelled as "Job Submitted - Awaiting File Attachments" We require plans and drawing files containing all the information necessary to generate an accurate 3D roof model. A file upload system is provided to allow you to provide such information. Suitable and working CAD files are preferred. If these are not available, we will accept PDF documents of roof plans with a complete set of dimensions. Once you hit "Complete File Attachments", the job status be changed to "Job Files Attached - We will process this job shortly"
Step 3 - Processing fee
For new customers, an upfront fee of A$10 may be required before we begin processing the job. The amount for this fee will be deducted from the final total price for the job. If the Job status is shown as "Job Received - Awaiting processing fee", then you must pay this amount before the job will be processed. This upfront fee may be waived once a certain number of jobs has been completed.
Step 4 - Performing the calculations
Once sufficient information is met, and if necessary, upfront fees, the job will be set to the status of "Job Processing". You will then be notified when the calculations are complete.
Step 5 - Calculations complete
Once calculations are complete, the job status will become "Job Processed - Awaiting Payment". You will be able to see the results of our calculations on screen, including roof area, sheeting area, wastage, total sheeting length, and price. You will also be given a layout of the roof for your confirmation. If is your responsibility to make sure this roof layout is an exact representatation of your roof, as all calculations and drawing will be to result of this shape. If this shape is incorrect, you will need to notify us and provide further information. Once you are satisfied with the roof shape and the resultant values, you can make a payment through our payment gateway.
Step 6 - Output
Once payment has been confirmed, the job status will be set to "Job Completed - Outputs have been sent to your email", and you will receive your output PDF document in your email address.
Shipping and Delivery
The product of our service will be a PDF document containing all the results of our calculations, which will be delivered to the customer via email. It is possible to send this document via fax or post on special request.
Our standard rate is A$0.45 per square metre of roof sheeting plus A$20 administration fee. For Australian customers GST is additional.
For complex roofs, a difficulty factor of between 1 and 2 may be applicable.
For roof sheeting areas exceeding 300 square metres, a discount may be applicable.
Quote System
We also provide a QikRoof Quote System for volume customers. The Quote System is charged at A$150 per quarter and can be installed on your machine. It allows you to produce Quotes for free. You still need to send the job to us in order to obtain the full calculations.
It is the responsibility of the customer to provide us with the correct data.
If an error is shown to be made on our part in the calculation, we will re-process the job at no extra charge.
If a job cannot be processed using our methods, we will provide a refund.
A refund will be processed within 14 days.
Any information provided to us will be kept internally and will not be shared to any outside parties.
When making payments for QikRoof your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology. 128-bit SSL encryption is the current industry standard. If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact
Please remove the ".nospam" at the end of the email address. This is just a spam preventative measure.
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