Our Service

Using our QikRoof software, we can quickly produce an accurate model of a roof in 3D, and generate a precise sheeting take-off that reduces wastage and costs to an absolute minimum. Simply provide us with the plans and dimensions of a roof, and you will have the take-off in as little as a day. Our software also provides fool-proof instructional layout drawings to reduce the chances of on-site mistakes.


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Sample Output

Here is a sample of our comprehensive Output Document

Step 1 - We produce the 3D model

We accept your plans and drawings and produce a 3D model of the roof

Step 2 - We perform the calculations

Using our proprietary QikRoof software, we lay the sheets onto our model and calculate the nesting automatically. All of this should take no more than a minute. The program will display the total sheeting length required and the percentage of wastage. Our software will find the utmost minimum sheeting required to clad the roof.

Creating significant savings for each job.

Step 3 - We produce detailed layouts

We produce our set of outputs, including the take off and instructional layouts that will clearly show where each sheet is to be laid.
Example Layout : Panel Layout Example Layout : Offcut Layout Example Layout : Nesting Layout
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